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Sustainability and being responsible with our resources are the foundation of our work. This way of thinking has shaped our behaviour, not only on the business side, but also towards the environment and society. With our products, we support our customers in achieving their sustainability goals. Therefore we regard it as our duty daily to come up with innovative solutions that contribute to making economic and community life consistently more pleasant in the long term for this and future generations.

Our customers in all sectors are finding themselves confronted with a need for sustainable innovations, and we supply the right products, expertise and solutions in matters like renewable raw materials, sustainable production and green alternatives. We also have extensive experience in the production and processing of resins and binders based on renewable raw materials. So, among other things, we have increased the proportion of renewable raw materials on our products to 71% and continuously work on increasing this share.
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Questions around sustainability

Now we’re getting green!

The German acronym NawaRo stands for "Renewable raw materials". We at KRAEMER deploy up to 100% renewable raw materials when manufacturing our products. We process colophonium, which is harvested from conifers over many decades. During their lifetime, these conifers remove around 2,500 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere. We also process other raw materials such as natural oils, carboxylic acids and polyols that come from plant material cycles. That ensures sustainability in your end product.

More and more every year!

KRAEMER uses more and more renewable raw materials every year. In this way, we have been able to steadily increase the use of renewable raw materials to more than 71% of the total volume of raw materials used. And the trend is increasing. We insist on “real” renewable raw materials. We certify the exact proportion of renewable raw materials used in your individual product for you.

We provide you with it signed and sealed!

Of course, we issue certificates for the proportion of renewable raw materials in our products. Our calculation method has been verified by the Chair for Chemistry of Renewable Resources at the University of Emden-Leer. As a customers you can therefore be sure that you will get exactly what we promise - an organically-based solution with real renewable raw materials!

That goes down like oil!

By using renewable raw materials, a significant amount of crude oil is saved. Wherever possible, we use organically-based raw materials as starting materials for your product instead of the petro-derived raw materials that are also available. Furthermore, intelligent heat recovery processes in our production save additional energy from fossil fuels.

A successful cycle!

We have already optimised our products to such an extent that almost no by-products are generated. Our reactions run with extremely high yields and thus produce only a small amount of waste. This is returned to the system and used in thermal post-combustion to generate energy for heating other reactions.

Perfectly customised for you!

In our product world you’ll find binders with a 100% proportion of renewable raw materials. If the right product is not yet among them, our specialists will develop resins and binders that are perfectly tailored to your individual needs and requirements. In the process we use as many renewable raw materials as possible and as desired by you.

We thrive on challenges

Confirming our high standards

It is easy to make promises. We want to be transparent and show that we keep our promises by continuously examining ourselves and by having our company evaluated by EcoVadis.

Since their founding in 2007, EcoVadis has developed into the largest and most reliable provider of sustainability evaluations of companies. They have built an international network of more than 100.000 evaluated companies. We received their silver medal and are proud to be amongst the top 25% companies evaluated.

Our long-time company philosophy has therefore been confirmed, motivating us to reach our goal of achieving the gold medal next.

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One step ahead with our initiatives

We look at the big picture

We at KRAEMER have made it our goal and feel responsible for anchoring sustainability as the guiding principle in the chemicals industry. We see environmentally friendly and resource-conserving development not only as an obligation towards future generations, but also as an opportunity to create a future strategy for the entire chemical industry that combines economic success with social justice and encvironmental compatibility. To reach this goal, we initiated different projects and support existing initiatives. Because sustainability means more than just reducing emissions and complying with legal regulations. We know that, and are taking big steps forward in this respect too. For a better world and a better future!