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Resins & binders for paints and coatings​

Excellent colour fidelity and high sustainability make real all-rounders of our binders and resins for varnishes.

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Paints and Coatings

Apart from appearance, texture and durability, there are many other requirements for materials. These special requirements are only fulfilled by a strong coating. Wse offer you universal binders and sustainable resins for fomulating such lacquers - they make everything run smoothly, and not only on the surface!

Resins and binders for the painting & coating industry

An overview of our products

The following table provides a first and informative impression of our products. You can find out more about the brands via the respective link or you are also welcome to enquire personally from the technical customer service contact person.

Our products consist of a high proportion of renewable raw materials - up to 100%.


Solvent-free, Fast drying, High resistance to yellowing, Water-based (available as emulsion)

Learn more Alkyd Resins - Rokralux von Kraemer

Paints, glazes, coatings, protective oils


Solvent-free, Low viscosity, Fast drying, High resistance to yellowing, High durability

Learn more Urethane Resins - Kramorex von Kraemer

Protective oils for terrace, parquet


Radical crosslinking, Oxidative drying (if necessary)

Learn more Radiation Curing Systems - Rokracure von Kraemer

Protective oils: terrace, parquet, furniture


High resistance and hardness, Fast drying

Learn more Special Resins - Bremar von Kraemer

Protective oils terrace, parquet


Improvement of hardness and drying, gloss

Learn more Resinates - Bremazit von Kraemer

Paints, glaze coatings, primers

Our product range is wide

More information

KRAEMER offers you a variety of different binding agents for the manufacture of paints and varnishes. Our resins enable precise fine-tuning to the respective application and process requirements of your products. Other properties, such as short dispersal times and efficient rehology control make our binders the perfect components for your coatings.


Anti-fouling paints are used to protect surfaces against colonisation by fouling organisms. In the shipping sector, ship hulls that need to be protected against the growth of seaweed or colonisation by barnacles and mussels are treated in particular.. These paints include, for example, the so-called self-polishing anti-fouling paints. Resinates are preferred for adjusting the desired abrasion rate. Flexible soft resins with low migration such as Bremar SP 9923 can also be used to avoid cracking.

UV coatings

The fast reaction speed of UV varnished enable very short production times e.g. for the coating of furniture. You will find a large selection of suitable binders and resins for radiation-curable coatings with us - whether you want to adjust the gloss, adhesion or the soft-feel effect. Al most everything is available - from highly reactive with very good resistances to non-functional for very low shrinkage

Wood coating

Wood as a renewable raw material is very popular, especially in the construction industry, but it also needs to be well protected. Looking for a low-viscosity oil with good drying and grain accentuation for a wood preservative glaze or a quick-drying alkyd resin with good resistance? Water-based, solvent-based or pure solid - but most importantly sustainable - you have come to the right place!

Industrial coating

Industrial coatings place particularly high demands on the durability and resistance of your product. With our resins you can especially improve the adhesion properties of these coatings - whether plastics, metals or other substrates - we have the suitable adhesion promoter. In addition, you will find resins to improve gloss, wetting or elasticity in our portfolio.

Wall paints

Indoor wall paints must meet the requirements of everyday life. For this purpose, we offer water-emulsifiable alkyd resins and ready-to-use emulsions that help improve wetting and flow behavior and optimise wet abrasion. The resins are compatible wit acrylate dispersions and up to 100% bio-based

Stoving enamels

Particularly highly durable coatings, e.g. in the field of furniture foils and also bicycles, can be produced with stove enamels. The high crosslink density in most melamin resin-based systems can be further optimised by using our polyols. Our resins can also be used to improve adhesive properties or flexibility in aqueous or solvent-based systems

Spray paints

Spray paints are very popular, whether for forest or animal marking, graffiti or automotive paints. Our resins for this field are broadly compatible with the different solvent and propellant gas systems and are characterised by a very high gloss, high colour strength and good adhesion.

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