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Resins & binders for your adhesives

Particularly strong adhesives can be manufactured with our resins, binders and additives.

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Adhesive applications

With our varied assortment of resins and binders for your adhesives we provide reliable and durable connections for different areas of application. Regardless of how complex your adhesive applications are or the requirements placed on your product - we find the right product solution for you and ensure quality that sticks.

Resins and binders for the adhesives industry

An overview of our products

The following table provides you with a first and informative impression of our products. You can find out more about the brands via the respective link or you are also welcome to enquire personally from the technical customer service contact person.

Our products consist of a high proportion of renewable raw materials - up to 100%.


Mainly water-based, Long pot life, High maximum tack, Adhesive strength, Adjustability of Tg

Learn more Rosin Esters - Bremasin von Kraemer

Adhesive tapes, hot melts, tackifiers for flooring adhesives


Tack, Low retention, Good elastomer compatibility

Learn more Resinates - Bremazit von Kraemer

Adhesive tapes, polychloroprene adhesives


Water solubility, High adhesion and cohesion properties

Learn more Special Resins - Bremar von Kraemer

Flooring adhesives, automotive


Good adhesion and cohesion, flexibility

Learn more Special Resins - Bremar von Kraemer

Tackifier, 2K-PUR and water-based adhesives


Flexibility, Reactive tackifier, 2K PUR

Learn more Polyester Resins - Rokrapol von Kraemer

Adhesive booster


Balanced ratio of hardness and flexibility, adhesion to various substrates

Learn more Radiation Curing Systems - Rokracure von Kraemer

Electronics, Automotive, Packaging

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More information

KRAEMER offers you a variety of different binders for manufacturing adhesives. Our resins enable precise fine-tuning to the respective application and process requirements of your products. Other properties, such as rapid initial tack or high final strength make our binders the perfect component for your adhesive

Base adhesives

Floor coverings such as carpets, PVC or wood are usually glued with aqueous floor coverings adhesives. For this purpose, we have various viscose tackifiers that mainly improve the adhesion and the “green tack” of the adhesive. In addition to very low VOC values for EC1+, resins for "Blue Angel" adhesives and very low-viscosity melting resins are also available.

Cushion/Foam Adhesive

Strong foam adhesives are required for mattress and upholstery bonding in the furniture and automotive sectors. Special tackifiers meet the desired standards for prompt initial adhesion with the right balance for building up cohesion when glueing different foams and substrates. The broad selection of products also perform with regard to adhesive properties, low odour, high stability and desired handling properties. This means that nothing stands in the way of a fast production process with very high final strength.

Contact adhesives

Contact adhesives impress with their quick tack, high elasticity and water resistance and are used for long-lasting bonding in the textile, shoe and DIY sectors, for example. You achieve a high level of adhesion and flexibility right from the start with our resins for different systems. Particularly noteworthy is Bremar SP 9640 with its outstanding affinity for plastic surfaces.

Reactive adhesives

Reaction adhesives are predominantly used in industrial applications and by the professional trades when particularly high strength and durability are required. Our wide range of resins offers solutions for 2-component polyurethane, exposy and UV-curing systems in almost all industries.


Hotmelt adhesives are solvent-free, are liquefied when heat is applied and areapplied as a melt. Strength is built up by cooling the melt. Hotmelt adhesives are mainly based on thermoplastic polymers and resins, which must harmonize well with one another in order to be able to meet the high customer requirements in terms of adhesion and high strength in the automotive, electronics, clothing and packaging industries. Precisely these atttributes are fulfilled by our resins, which we will gladly discuss with you.


PSA adhesives adhere permanently and are used for application such as tapes, self-adhesive equipment, self-adhesive foils and sticky notes. The adhesive force on the materials to be bonded can be controlled by adjusting the applied contact pressure. Depending on the application, the balance between adhesion and cohesion can be adjusted with Kraemer resins. You are welcome to test our variety of strong adhesive resins for your pressure-sensitive adhesive.

Casting Technology

The range of adhesives and sealants has increased significantly in recent years, particularly in the case of reactive systems, which also include liquid seals and cold plastics. These, of course, are especially used in the construction industry, but also in the automotive, aviation and aerospace industries etc. Would you like to increase the range of applications of your product? Combination resins for the improvement of a.o. adhesion and wettability are available for different systems.

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