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Resins and Binders for your Composites

Binders and system solutions for your innovative composites.

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The sustainability and performance of our binders for composites is impressive. Whether for glass, carbon or natural fibres, heat curing prepregs or UV curing in seconds, our solutions can help you create new bonds.

Resins and Binders for Composite Applications

An overview of our products

The following table provides your with a first and informative impression of our products. You can find out more about the brands via the respective link or you are also welcome to enquire personally from the technical customer service contact person.

Our products consist of a high proportion of renewable raw materials - up to 100%.


bio-based anhydride hardeners with a high content of renewable raw materials

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Heat curing epoxy composites and prepregs


Cures in seconds using UV radiation

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Repair systems and structural components for fibreglass


Custom formulations for EP and UV systems

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Ready to use system solutions for prepregs and UV curing solutions

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More information

KRAEMER offers a range of different binders for composites. Our resins and binders enable a precise adjustment to the application or process requirements of your products.

Further properties, such as high chemical resistance, hardening and adhesion can be adjusted individually and provide a high degree of sustainability, by using renewable raw materials.

Heat curing prepreg systems

In the field of hot-curing prepreg applications, we offer bio-based anhydride hardeners with a high content of renewable raw materials. Combined with bio-based epoxies, sustainable lightweight components can be produced using GRP, carbon and natural fibers. Examples of possible areas of application include chassis, sports equipment such as skis/snowboards, boat building, hard-shell suitcases, etc.

UV-curing Composite systems

With our UV-curing binders, we offer system solutions, which provide you with the possiblity to produce your GRP components in a minimum of time and high energy-efficiently. With our binders, it is possible to use techniques like classic mercury lamps and LED UV systems. Various areas of application come into consideration and are always in demand when it comes to increasing efficiency and sustainability.

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