Kraemer, Lösungen mit Harz

07. June 2024

Job Forum of the JungChemikerForum (JCF) Oldenburg

On Monday, 3. 6. 2024, we took part in the annual Job Forum of the JungChemikerForum (JCF) Oldenburg at the Wechloy Campus of the University of Oldenburg. The theme of the event was “Chemical Perspectives in the Northwest”.

The inspiring discussions and many questions at our stand showed us how important such events are – not only for students, but also for us as an employer:

• Direct communication: Presenting our company in person gives us the opportunity to authentically communicate our corporate culture, values and goals.

• Talent search: We can get in direct contact with highly qualified and motivated young people.

• Employer brand: Through our presence and commitment, we show our interest in the next generation of professionals and strengthen our special relationship with the University of Oldenburg and the Department of Chemistry.

• Feedback and Trends: We get direct feedback from students about the perception of our company and we can exchange about current topics and trends in chemistry.

• Network building: We get in touch not only with potential own employees, but also with potential future customers and are already looking forward to the future cooperation.

• Innovations and ideas: The exchange with young, fresh talents gives us new perspectives and challenges us to expand innovative ideas.

It was nice for us to see that the chemical industry is full of curious and talented young people.

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