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KRAEMER offers you a variety of binders for different applications. Our resins enable precise fine-tuning to the respective application and process requirements of your products.

EcoShield 1

Bio-based hybrid resin is an excellent choice for all types of barrier coatings against water, steam, oils and fats, because it is quick drying and has a high durability. Good sealing and deinking ability and universal compatibility with aqueous dispersions make this product a promising candidate for use in a variety of applications where sustainability and high performance are critical.

Polymer Concrete

Polymer concrete is a resin-bound high-performance material that is impermeable to water and therefore frost-proof and generally very weather-resistant. Classically, this is manufactured among other things on the basis of styrene, which is a strong odour problem for the processor. Allow yourself to be convinced by our significantly less stressful alternatives based on polyurethane chemistry. Compared to conventional concrete, these alternatives have significantly higher mechanical characteristics such as compressive and flexural strength as well as higher acid and alkali resistance. Renewable raw materials are not neglected as a base here either. We would be happy to provide you with raw material samples and a guide formulation.


Many cosmetics applications require adhesive resins for applications in the field of depilation and make-up. In addition, the manufacturer of nail polishes wants good adhesion as well as film-forming resins with good gloss properties, which are now increasingly being offered as water-soluble or UV-curing. As suitable resins must comply with the regulations of the cosmetics industry, we will gladly assist you in selecting your resin.

Plastic Processing

Children's toys, storage cans or reusable bottles - the plastics processing industry leaves hardly any wishes unfulfilled and supplies everyday products non-stop. Components for the automotive, aviation and electronics industries are also part of this segment. In addition to the classic petro-based plastics, bioplastics are also increasingly being used in this sector. Very often, these plastics are colored accordingly depending on the intended use, for which so-called masterbatches, also known as color granules, are used. Effective pigment wetting resins are required for the production of the masterbatches, which must be approved according to different regulations, such as for the food sector, depending on the end use. In addition, combination options can be considered for compound production. These improve the mechanical properties such as the impact strength of a workpiece and are based on renewable raw materials in the process.

Cleaning Products

Nowadays, emulsion-based floor cleaning agents or wiping waxes are not only required to have high cleaning power, but also to be highly nourishing, as is desired for wooden and cork floors, for example. Good leveling and gloss behaviour is also required, which cannot be achieved with acrylates or the removal of the wiping layer with alkaline cleaning agents. Finally: the sustainability trend in this field is unstoppable. Not only is it more sustainable to use our resin solutions that are based on renewable raw materials, the full performance range is achieved. We will gladly send you a sample.


The use of lubricants creates a separating layer that reduces friction between components that move against one another. Many lubricants usually have resins added in additioin to additives to adjust the rheology and improve adhesion to the components to be lubricated, which, among other things, counteracts the lubricant splashing off. In addition to reliable protection against wear, a significantly longer service life of the lubricants is achieved in this way. The friction coefficient can also be adjusted by adding resins. Widely compatible resins from Kraemer meet this property and, being up to 100% based on renewable raw materials, are also suitable for use in bio-lubricants.

Soldering Pastes

Solder pastes are primarily used for soldering electronic assemblies (SMD technology) and, in addition to metal powder, consist of fluxes, for which special natural resins are used. Due to increasingly complex computer technology and e-mobility, etc., this process for the production of electronic components requires stable, constant and residue-free solder pastes. Discover the appropriate low-VOC resins as flux for your solvent-free, pasty or alcohol-based soldering application.

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