Kraemer, Lösungen mit Harz

12. January 2024

Revolution for Wood Coatings!

Sustainability has been a hot topic for many years in the face of climate change. On the one hand, to protect the environment and, on the other, to preserve the world for future generations, in the certainty that we will pollute it as little as possible.

Many consumers are willing to integrate sustainability into their daily lives and use natural materials. In furniture, textiles, decoration, wall designs and natural wood floor coverings, these ensure at the same time a healthy indoor climate and a pleasant, feel-good ambience.

For example, if moisture penetrates the wood, it becomes rotten and mouldy. To prevent this from happening, it must be treated with protective coatings, which are ideally also sustainable.

Our bio-based hybrid resin Bremascope SmartDry 1 has been specially developed for use in such wood and furniture coatings. It is an innovative, water-based resin that offers several advantages for high-quality coatings. Its unique characteristics make it a promising candidate for use in a variety of applications where sustainability and high performance are critical.

With 90% renewable resources, Bremascope SmartDry 1 is an eco-friendly option for those who want to reduce their environmental footprint while achieving the highest performance in green coatings.

Fast drying in less than 15 minutes allows for shorter production and machining times, while the re-crosslinking function increases durability and makes it an excellent choice for industrial applications against scratches, wear and other wear-related damage.

Due to the high pendulum hardness of over 150 seconds without embrittlement, the coatings are prepared for high loads.

Make a difference with us and rely on the unbeatable combination of sustainability and performance.

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