Urethane resin

Urethane resins are produced by reacting isocyanates with polyol building blocks. In addition to polyether and polyester polyols, Kraemer-specific polyol derivatives are used in particular. The latter structures in particular provide good adhesion and intercoat properties on critical substrates. In addition, pigment wetting, flexibility and resistance are also improved.
By cleverly lowering the polarity, aliphatic-tolerant urethane resins can also be offered for offset printing inks with high hydrophobicity for adjusting the water balance.
Furthermore, the excellent adhesion properties of these resins, for example in flexographic printing inks, enable other adhesion additives such as titanate or zirconate crosslinkers to be used at reduced levels. Due to their broad compatibility with other binders such as NC or PVB, polyurethanes are frequently used in printing inks, coatings, inks (including jet inks) and adhesives.