Carboxy-functional polyesters

Robert Kraemer GmbH & Co. KG produces carboxyl-functional (acidic) polyesters under the product name Rokrapol. In addition to OH groups, these polyester resins have a high carboxyl functionality and, depending on the area of application, are linear and thus flexible or branched (crosslinked) and in some cases specially modified. The main applications for these acid binders are printing inks, coatings (e.g. NC coatings, stoving coatings, paper coatings, spray coatings), adhesives or inks (also jet inks). Due to their carboxyl functionality, the resins can be dissolved neutralized in water or dispersed unneutralized. In aqueous dispersions, the acidic polyesters are particularly suitable for improving gloss (gloss resin). The carboxy functionality optimizes adhesion to critical substrates, especially metal.

Polyesters from Robert Kraemer are available in standard solvents (e.g. ethanol), as special solvents or 100%. The product range includes both solid hard resins and liquid (viscous) soft resins. The main properties are gloss, good adhesion, a very light color, lightfastness and flexibility or hardness (depending on the degree of branching).